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You are our progenitor
Next only to the creator
Many of us call you dictator
You are a blunt communicator

You would work day and night
All the battles you will only fight
Any query you will throw the light
You are called for every spot tight

Till we earn, you are a money bank
Afterwards you are a wisdom tank
Saw the world atop your shoulder
Got protected from every boulder

For your slot there is no impostor
For joy and sorrows-an equator
How you act as a role rotator
only complaint you are no orator

You are often taken for granted
Very rarely you are venerated
Not the one to be distracted
Why are you so kind hearted!

To his wife, a loyal lover
To his son, an able guider
To a daughter, a fierce protector
To the family, a wealth creator

By genes, we are the same
You are part of our name
We are part of your frame
You are part of our fame

Father is worth a king’s ransom
Why we call him fearsome
Any praise on him not fulsome
He can’t see you worrisome

Blessed are you if he is alive
Once in a while try to co live
Life is ephemeral – just believe
Any Egos-offer a branch olive

Just avoid senseless quarrel
That won’t get you any laurel
One day he will be, just a mural
Beware, days will run real surreal!!


©️May 2023

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Hey tears! How often I
Call you to soothe me
You, being socially shy
Stay in corner of eye
Warmly in your room
But if not you, whom
Should I call
To liquify my emotions
And flow in a streaky
Trail of tiny droplets


This is a quadrille having exactly 44 words

©️May 2023

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You well understood
I need a warm womb
Wonder how you could
Grow a little baby room

Thought about my food
And You built a life line
To and fro of a cord
To keep alive life of mine

Worried how I get out
After nine months count
The canal was all ready
I eased out all steady

I cried, the new place
Was full of fiery fiends
with a warm embrace
You made it all friends

I had my fitful sleeps
And night full of weeps
How without any wrath
You eased my new path

I was all legs as I grew
On me You were all eyes
My minor hurt you knew
You made me all the wise

You made me to survive
And grow to your shoulder
Faced every life’s boulder
Thanks to you I am alive

Though I am a grown up
Without you as my backup
An inch in life I can’t move
I owe all to your pure love


©️ May 2023

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From my humble origin
I gather sisterly waters
Without being partisan
Make them my currents

Many sins are in my tread
Many dead are in my womb
I have many a nasty tombs
In the depths of my bed

I made my friendly banks
Distant and rival flanks
I engulfed many a rivers
Subdued their whispers

I laid many a lives to death
And flew them as trophies
As season swelled my girth
Leading to catastrophes

But still you come to me
To take a sacred dip
To escape the hellish grip
To make your soul all free


©️ May 2023

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Poison Ivy

Once, I had a crush
For a giggly girl
It was like a brush
With the poison ivy
Bitten by the love bug
I do not know why
So easily I was dug
Deep into my mind
I was badly bruised
In no time, snow-blind
I knew love is lethal
And there is no drug
Which make me recoup
And then,the poison ivy
Made a brazen brush
In a sort of cunning coup
With its another victim
And then in a rush
Poison in me began
To go out in a drain
My mind had become
All but a mass
Of scarred carcass


©️ May 2023

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God And Physics

As dusky sun rays spread on the multitude
Sane and saintly clouds patterned a parasol
A divine breeze cloaked the temple coutyard
The village was all ready with godly appeal

The air was rent with fervent theist thunders
And dampened with athiest’s sceptic shrills
Breaths of belief ruled and far outnumbered
The heretic howls of atheists and agnostics

The solemn crowd stood in unsettled silence
As holy flag-post readied for a sacred hoist
Theists shed theistic sighs and holy tears
sneaky atheists sported scorny countenance

For theists, everything was a divine creation
clouds, the breeze, and the stone of flagpole
All, just matter, all diverse, is atheistic notion
Divinity was to them , the physics in action

Finally the time came to hoist the flag post
Amidst theistic chants and atheistic bursts
The pole was craned to its theistic holy spot
Dead silence hanged heavily in every heart

It was moment of joy for all ardent atheists
And moment of sorrow for all touchy theists
‘Cracky flagpole’ made itself into two pieces
crowd had clubbed into two warring groups

To Theists crack is God’s curse upon impious
To atheists it was an aberration in physics
While this war of words was raging on
God and physics cackled, faces of same coin!


©️ May 2023

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My Mirror

Hey, my mirror
I love you
You read me
Without an error
Every time I preen
You make me shiny
with all the sheen
You are glassy
To my outer virtues
And opaque
To inner vices
To myself you are
Always fair and square!


©️ April 2023

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This poem is a quadrille having exactly 44 words

Shadow of a Shadow

Under a banal banyan tree
Silent serenade of its shadow
Resting his rusting brain
Made him diminutive and a minnow!

Out under the vast blue yonder
He sees people lively and struggle
Life is very kind to him
So he thought with a wry giggle!

Saw humans, animals and birds
For that matter minuscule ants
Incessantly vibrant and mystique
Casting own stark shadows-unique

Realisation dawned!
He is under a perpetual shadow
And he couldn’t cast a one
Until, from that he is liberated

He treaded a track-tiresome
To earn a self shadow for himself
What a divine feeling when
Folk call your silhouette a winsome!

Norm and stereotype as a shadow
Obscures us to wallow in mediocrity
To transcend the ugly umbra
Just reinvent your meritocracy!


©️ April 2023


Unseen Friend

I took first breath on this earth
A voice spoke to me in sotto voce
I am with you in your odyssey
I knew him not,for he was invisible

As I grew ,he grew thick with me
Albeit like a shadow billowing
He cloaked me when I am sick
When I glowed all, did he flee

For some years I ignored him
Pondering he was so distant
I smelled his aura many times
Saw his footprints in my illness

He piled a ledger of my life
Better than I could ever do
He knew my stealthy stumbles
Ready with a killing embrace

He called when I was vulnerable
It happened not long before
He, a guest with a deadly strangle
I may lose in this final game

It is curtains to this hide and seek
I am tired , he has others to befriend
stared me straight , bade me to follow
And I knew him now at my years -end

We made a truce, we are never friends
We come by, live by and go by as twins!


©️ April 2023

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A Merry Pain

O dear, you such a merry pain
You are a pal to not one soul
You are not seen at all so vain
O dear, you such a merry pain
Though you will give a lot to gain
And you take so much of my toll
O dear, you such a merry pain
You are a pal to not one soul

I loved a rose, full of its thorn
I meant to kiss, it did a harm
Is it for that, has it been born
I loved a rose, full of its thorn
I was then, a figure so worn
It gave me yet, a kiss so warm
I loved a rose, full of its thorn
I meant to kiss, it did a harm

I went on hike , to sit on peak
I got my sky, but feet were sore
a path so tough, it made me weak
I went on hike, to sit on peak
It gave a bliss, to vent a shriek
It was to me, so much the more
I went on hike, to sit on peak
I got my sky, but feet were sore

I tread a road, to gain more wealth
I got the crown , hands to defile
I lost my sleep, on bed of death
I tread a road, to gain more wealth
It gave me false sign of strength
It was glory,though short in smile
I tread a road, to gain more wealth
I got the crown, hands to defile

I dreamt so long, to be a mom
I bore my baby, I was so tired
Was it my rebirth, not so calm
I dreamt so long, to be a mom
Bundle of joy, I had no qualm
I was on cloud, when it kicked
I dreamt so long, to be a mom
I bore my baby , I was so tired


©️ April 2023

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It is a triolet ,a poem of eight lines, typically of eight syllables each, rhyming abaaabab and so structured that the first line recurs as the fourth and seventh and the second as the eighth.

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